TIMEFIGHTERS is a collective that produces stories, media, & projects that have a strong sense of place & community, & teaches others the skills to get involved and produce their own work. Get involved.




TO SUBMIT A STORY, CLICK CREATE CONTENT.  First, though, you will have to create an account


Most submissions will go into the pile, a section of the site where timefighters members review the submission, and make any necessary recommendations.  After that step, submissions are posted to the front page of the timefighters site, and are considered for inclusion in the timefighters print edition.


Interested in volunteering with timefighters? Send an email to editors <at> timefighters.org.



tell us true stories about mysteries you've solved, people you've met, places you've explored, and about experiences that have shaped your understanding of human behavior.

we need acute observations of your community that convey meaning anyone can appreciate.

conduct interviews to investigate the truth about issues important to your community.

your community may be virtual, like the open source development community that supports development of content management systems like Wordpress or Drupal.

Your community could be physical, like the neighborhood you live in.

figure out what matters to you, learn more about it, and tell us the incredible stories that you are sure to find.


timefighters accepts video, photos, text, comics, animations, slideshows, and audio.


important requirements:
if you are interviewing someone, be very clear that you are interviewing them for timefighters. be sure to give them the timefighters web address, timefighters.org, so that they can look at the interview after it is published.
it is best to use a recorder to ensure accuracy, but you must ask their permission before and after starting the recorder (ask for permission first, and if they say yes, ask them again after you start the recorder so that there is proof that they consent to being recorded).


Timefighters reserves the right to withhold submissions that are deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, commercial promotions, slander, liable, or falls under unprotected speech. For more information on unprotected speech see this list.


Questions? Please ask them. They can be sent to editors <at> timefighters.org.