TIMEFIGHTERS is a collective that produces stories, media, & projects that have a strong sense of place & community, & teaches others the skills to get involved and produce their own work. Get involved.

Soon, there will be a box placed in Danger Room Comics. It will be made of salvaged electronics, and it will serve as a drop-off box for your submissions to Timefighters, and a distribution point for Timefighters publications.

There will be something more to the boxes, too, something secret.

Thing is, we need your help to build this box, and others like it.

We need your junk.

If you have an old toaster or computer monitor, we need it.

Wires, motherboards, light bulbs, speakers – anything that is electronic in some way.

Let us know if it is functional or non-functional. Recieving both statuses, and any sort of in-between, will get us very excited.

For now, you can drop things off at the finger complex, 203 rogers st. nw. Please only leave items if you have a moment to knock on the door and make sure someone is home.

Want to help us collect items and/or solder them together? Email editors@timefighters.org.